Man uses bucket truck to visit mom at Ohio assisted living facility

Bucket Truck

Nothing was going to stop one man from visiting his 80-year-old mother at an Ohio assisted living home.

Charley Adams was told he could not see his mother face-to-face on March 22, so he got creative with how he was going to visit her. He used his bucket truck to see his mother through her third-floor window Mahoning Matters reported.

Adams said his mother was going stir crazy and he wanted to do something to help.

“(She) kept calling me and saying she wanted to go out to dinner,” Adams told WEWS-TV. “I kept explaining to her, ‘Mom, that’s not possible ... you can’t do that right now.’ She was getting a little bit frustrated and disappointed.”

Adams called his mother and told her he is right outside her window when he went to visit her.