Mark Tribble


Mark Tribble, from Starkville, MS is an accomplished bassist, playing both the upright bass and the electric bass guitar. Mark also excels at singing lead and harmony vocals.

Mark was first exposed to music as a small child when the sounds of Bluegrass and Gospel music from his Father’s records often filled the family home. Mark first began playing music by performing Country music on the electric bass guitar at 13 years of age. During a lifetime of musical endeavors Mark has performed various genres of music including Country, Rock N’ Roll and Blues. However, in recent years Mark has returned to his roots and rekindled his interest in the Bluegrass and Gospel music that he grew up hearing on his Father’s records.
In 2015 Mark began performing with Alan Sibley & The Magnolia Ramblers. Since that time his talents have become an integral part of the band’s traditional sound.

Mark is also a licensed barber and at times is persuaded by fellow band members to give a haircut right before a show!