Maryland woman launches website to track pets


Have you ever lost or been forced to give away a pet? Then a Maryland woman has a website for you.

Connie Bekavac launched Pet Parents’ Place as an online tool that reconnects rescue pet parents.

According to a press release, here is how it works: Users enter a few details about their pet, such as breed, microchip ID number and/or the city and state where the animal was given up or lost. Once all the required information is entered, the system searches the database for animals matching the description provided and displays the results.

"(This) is Bekavac’s own labor of love on behalf of not only past owners of dogs and cats, but also the past families of horses and even birds,” a release states.

More than 6 million dogs and cats enter U.S. shelters every year and only about half of them are adopted.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about all the people out there who may have lost their pet or were forced to give them up due to unavoidable circumstances,” Bekavac said. “I founded Pet Parents’ Place as a way to help mend the broken hearts of these people by giving them peace of mind knowing their animals had found loving homes.”

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