Massive storm sweeps through Corn Belt, including a confirmed derecho

A massive storm swept through the Corn Belt recently, and the National Weather Service has confirmed that included a derecho.

The storms began developing across Southeast Wyoming, tracking East before hitting an unstable environment in Eastern Iowa and Northwest Illinois. The Weather Service says the derecho produced wind gusts over 100 miles per hour in parts of Illinois taking out communication lines and even some grain bins.

Rob Sharkey, the SharkFarmer, was on Cow Guy Close yesterday when those storms began rolling through.

“A derecho did come through. I’ve been in here, I can hear the hail hitting, but you know what, we’re getting rain, I’m happy with that. We can’t control the weather, so we’re just going to be happy we get what we get.”

The Sharkey’s tell us they do not have any crop damage and their farm got a much-welcomed inch of rain. However, when derechos hit farm country in the past, several farmers’ crops suffered, so we are working to gather those reports.

If you had damage on your operation, let us know by sending photos or videos to or tag us on social media.