Meat processing regains ground and pricing is rebounding

As the nation’s meat processing industry regains ground from COVID-19 disruptions, prices for beef, chicken, and pork are retreating. That is according to an analysis by University of Arkansas’s Division for Agriculture.

John Anderson, the head of ag economics, speaks with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on the impact COVID had on processing and prices, the current rebounding of prices, and what the future may hold as the pandemic continues. “Obviously, the rebound in pricing has been a big deal, as all of the three major species have gotten back close to year ago levels, which we might think of as normal. We’ve also seen consumers at least trying to return to normal, I think we’ve still got some food service issues out there...,” he notes. “Overall what has happened... we’ve seen a fairly significant retreat in retail prices... that’s something we don’t normally see.”

NCBA on future beef market policies.

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