Meet the Pee Wee Showmanship Champion at the Saddle and Sirloin Livestock Show


Don’t let the cute pink bow fool you, Landree Leifeste says she has been showing livestock since she was just three. Over the weekend, the 7-year-old from Cameron, Texas was the Saddle and Sirloin Livestock Show’s Grand Champion Pee Wee Showman.

The Pee Wee Showmanship contest allows children younger than eight to compete against one another to ‘show off’ their skills. They present their animal to the best of their ability and at the end of the contest, one individual is selected Grand Champion and receives a prize.

Landree says keeping a respectful eye on the judge while she was presenting her heifer, Sparkles, helped her stand out and win the title. She says it’s something she always tries to do, that, and have a good first impression. You can always find Landree in a pair of starched jeans, a sweater vest, a colorful bow and cowgirl boots.

“You get one chance to show off your animal, first impressions are really important,” she said.

Landree was excited to see all of her hard work, kisses and positive talk with Sparkles pay off with.

“It takes a lot of work at home to prepare for a show. Each day I help my family halter the cattle, wash them, exercise and feed them,” she said. “My favorite part about going to the barn is loving on Sparkles and telling her all of the things she is good at.”

Now, Landree says she just can’t wait to get out of the Pee Wee division and start competing in some of Texas’ larger shows when she turns 9.

“All of my hard work in the Pee Wee division will have paid off,” she said. “I can’t wait to wear my sweater vests and colorful bows in the show ring more often.”