Men are less likely to see food supply as a national security issue, according to one survey

A new survey finds that during the pandemic men are less likely to see food supply and production as a national security issue.

The Washington State University study also revealed men were less likely to have empathy for H-2A workers. Researchers noted the study can be used to give policy makers insight into low skilled domestic workers and their attitudes on employment.

According to Professor Jeff Luckstead, “The importance of these low skilled, domestic workers is they were probably the hardest hit demographic of COVID-19 in terms of layoffs and unemployment, but they’re also been historically shown not be willing to take field work, even though they were hard hit. They’re likely to not accept field work as an alternative to employment.”

The U.S. Department of Labor recently announced a new rule in the H-2A visa program that base wage increases on the employment cost index.