Mexico not allowing bioengineered U.S. products concerns farmers

U.S. corn farmers remain skeptical about Mexico not allowing bioengineered products.

Mexico’s president signed a decree in 2020, saying that they were not accepting biotech corn, and were phasing out glyphosate use, which is a major violation to USMCA.

A Michigan farmer says that these implications bring negative consequences to U.S. growers.

According to Chris Creguer with the Michigan Corn Growers Association, “You’re not having innovation in the market. Basically, we’re using the traits we currently have, and everybody knows that resistance develops over time and we have all the tools at our disposal. So, it’s a huge issue within the genetics industry and also the larger picture of how do we enforce an agreement we worked hard to negotiate and we thought we had alignment between the three countries... There’s a reason we have a trade network set up and they work efficiently. This is going to counter the decades of close trade with neighboring countries.”


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