Michael E. LaBroad

Michael joined Rural Media Group in June of 2012. As the inaugural Chief Marketing Officer, Michael brings over 30 years experience leading the marketing efforts of some of America’s largest and most recognized brands. He spent 25 of his post-college years working in every discipline of marketing at Anheuser-Busch including field sales, brand management, sales promotion, merchandising, advertising, sports marketing, public relations and media. His role as the VP of Marketing for the flagship Budweiser brand is remembered for both its sales trend recovery; $100 million over-budget financial delivery and the award winning advertising efforts including the Budweiser Lizards. Michael was also the CMO of the $1 billion entertainment division that included SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and the innovative Discovery Cove. He was recruited to join Bass Pro Shops in 2003 and lead their efforts to reach a national audience for their unique and successful outdoor retail concepts. The National Hockey League asked Michael to join them as their inaugural Chief Marketing Officer following their season-long lock-out in 2006 to restore their fan base and general sport affinity in the USA and Canada.

Just prior to joining Rural Media Group, Michael was the Managing Director of the national marketing consulting practice; Egan-Anderson. His innovative approaches, practical techniques and unique understanding of consumer behavior successfully served numerous clients with a variety of challenges, issues and opportunities. Clients included major universities, law firms, venture capital, upstarts, and national brands seeking restoration. Although he has received numerous awards and industry recognition including being the only 3 time Brand-Builder for BrandWeek Magazine, Michael’s sales foundation formed the true judgment of marketing success; increased sales and financial health.

Michael was raised In Massachusetts and has relocated 9 times across the country, mostly the Midwest. He is married to Susan and they have three children; Shane, Jordan and Zachary. He sits on several select charity and corporate boards and does numerous board and university presentations each year.