Michelob Ultra offering 6 feet of organic farmland for every 6-pack purchased


Michelob Ultra Pure Gold launched a new campaign during the Super Bowl. In a 60-second advertisement during the big game showcased the 6 for 6-pack program: Six square feet of organic farmland for each pack of beer purchased.

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold is a USDA-certified organic beer.

Anheuser-Busch, who makes Pure Gold, is on a mission to help more farmers be certified organic. The company’s goal is to alleviate the three-year transition period into organic, which can often be costly for farmers.

The company will offer three to six year transitional barley contracts with premiums for both transitional and organic barley.

“If every football fan picks up a 6-pack, we can change America’s organic farmland forever,” the ad says.

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold is a USDA-certified organic beer.

The plan has come with some criticism.

“So for Michelob to transition a single acre of crop land to organic, they will have to sell 7260 six packs of beer? Glad beer companies continue to look out for us,” Iowa’s deputy secretary of agriculture Julie Kenney tweeted.

“Yay for Michelob ultra converting 36 feet of farmland to organic production,” Angie Setzer, the Vice President of Grain for Citizens LLC, added.