Michigan farm employers challenging a new COVID-19 testing order

Michigan farm employers and workers are challenging a new emergency order requiring all migrant housing camps, operators of greenhouses, and processing plants to conduct COVID-19 tests.

Michigan Farm Bureau’s Rob Anderson speaks with RFD-TV’s own John Jenkinson on some of the details of the order and why certain groups are pushing back.

“On August 3rd, the Department of Health and Human Services issued an order that required that farm workers in certain sectors of the agriculture industry undergo mandatory testing for COVID-19,” Anderson said. “This is not screening, this is a mandatory test you have to take in order to come to work...it really speaks to those workers in the specialty crop areas, and our concern with this, is that this order because of the way it is written, we think, unfairly discriminates workers that are in the Latino community which make up well over 90 percent of the workers in this community.”

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