Mickey and Minnie Mouse turn 91


A pair of Disney icons officially turn 91 today.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse both made their first appearance on the airwaves in “Steamboat Willie” on Nov. 18, 1928 however the pair did not make their onscreen debut together until one year later. Walt Disney himself provided the original voices for both and did so until 1946.

Many people do not know that Mickey and Minnie were not the original names of the mice. Mickey was going to go by Mortimer (the name was instead given to his rival) and Minnie is short for Minerva. Minnie also has many relatives who make appearances in early Disney shows, including her parents who are both farmers.

In 1933, Disney privately acknowledged the characters were married but they have never said so publicly.

The pair has come a long way since then, now both have their own stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Minnie is also an honorary Disney Princess.