Missing horse reunites with family after 8 years running with wild mustangs

Mango 1280x720.jpg

Photo via Shane Adams Facebook Page

Shane Adams was camping in the Utah desert back in 2104. He had his horse, Mango, tied up beside the tent.

One day, a herd of mustangs ran through and Mango decided to run off and make new friends. There was nothing Adams could do.

People develop special bonds with horses. So, Adams attempted to reunite with his friend. For three years he returned to the campsite on the weekends looking for Mango.

While he did not give up faith in reuniting one day, he did stop going back to the site.
He would report the missing horse to the Bureau of Land Management.

In September of this year, BLM rounded up a herd of mustangs near a military base. They noticed one horse stood out as if it was trained and not a “real” wild horse. Further inspection showed that the branded horse was Mango.

“It’s crazy he still acts the same, same horse. Eight years of being wild and he acts like nothing ever happened,” Adams stated, according to KUTV.

Mango is a little underweight, but being back home with Shane and his family we are sure that Mango will have as much food and affection as he needs.

Story via Heidi Hatch with KUTV