Mom helps baby ring bell after beating brain cancer

Lillian and Leann ringing bell

Lillian Grace Borden was born on Sept. 5, 2019. Shortly after Lillian was born, a nurse noticed something wasn’t quite right.

Lillian’s mother Leann Borden told Good Morning America, “Lily wasn’t moving her limbs quite right.”

An MRI was done and an “ominous spot” appeared on her brain stem.

The Bordens were flown to UCSF Oakland Children’s hospital where the newborn was diagnosed with a stage 3/4 Glioma brain tumor.

Lillian began her treatment on Oct. 2. Shockingly the tumor that had traveled down her spinal cord was gone when the doctors gave her another MRI on Nov. 13.

On Saturday Leann posted a video to Facebook in which she helped her baby ring the bell as she left the hospital.

“We are so grateful to everyone here for everything you did,” Borden said in the video. “We would have lost everything. I’ve never met such amazing people in my whole life.”