More funding than ever is available to close the Digital Divide for rural America

An unprecedented amount of federal funding is readily available to help close the digital divide across rural America.

The Internet and Television Association explains how it can be best used.

“I think there are three key things from our perspective,” according to Rick Cimerman. “One is to focus on the unserved, two is to avoid waste, fraud, and abuse, and three, to work with experienced, trusted broadband providers. I think those are the three keys to making this money go a long way.”

Cimerman says that rural residents without access to high-speed internet can also take steps to move this process along.

“One is that even unserved homes are eligible this time around. That’s kind of new for these kinds of programs. Reach out to your state broadband office. One of the rules here is community engagement listening sessions. They are supposed to be hearing from everyone, so you should feel free to do that, and local providers also have a wealth of information that they can share and assist. For our part, we are committed to the success of this program, to getting everyone served, and look forward to working with the state broadband officials and individuals to make all of that happen,” he explains.

Cimerman also adds that cable broadband providers are good proven partners for state leaders to close the digital divide in their areas.