More lawsuits surrounding WOTUS are likely; industry leaders weigh in on final rule

More than a dozen groups are taking legal action after EPA published its Waters of the U.S. rule to the Federal Register. One ag law professor says it is not surprising.

Jennie Zwagerman with the Drake Ag Law Center says the suit was likely filed in Texas in hopes of getting more attention. She says it could prove difficult for ag groups to get a nationwide stay on the new rule until the Supreme Court rules on Sackett vs. EPA, but she says it will not be surprising if more states file suit later down the road.

President of the National Farmers Union, Rob Larew spoke with RFD-TV’s Tammi Arender about if the move came as a surprise, how the Sackett case could impact the situation, and if he expects any legal challenges moving forward.

Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, Sid Miller also joined us to discuss how this could affect ranchers and farmers in the state, what they can gain from the legal action, and potential legal challenges moving forward.