More than 20 billion miles have been driven on E-15 fuel

More than 20 billion miles have now been driven on E-15 fuel.

As the pandemic stole demand, the number of retail outlets offering Unleaded 88 actually grew by 10 percent. With the economy now reopening, demand is growing, and Growth Energy is expanding its team to support further development.

CEO Emily Skor says that retailers offering E-15 sell more than double the average retailer.

“Best of all, the transition to nationwide sales promises to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 17.62 million tons per year,” she explains. “That’s the equivalent to removing about 3.85 million vehicles from the road. All of that, just by moving our national fuel from E-10 to an E-15 blend.”

Growth Energy has already secured more than $32 million dollars in grants for updated retail infrastructure, under USDA’s Higher Blend Infrastructure Incentive Program.


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