Moving Goods: Lawmakers spark debate over the Energy and Water Bill

Lawmakers bought themselves about a month and a half of extra time to get a spending bill passed. They got right to it, starting the week with a debate over the Energy and Water Bill, which provides funding for areas like the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a group that works closely with U.S. agriculture.

“The water side of the bill, the Army Corps of Engineers is funded at $9.57 billion, including full funding of the harbor maintenance trust fund activities, and ongoing inland waterways trust fund construction projects. These investments will help ensure goods can be moved safely to and from global markets. Funding for the Bureau of Reclamation totals $1.8 billion and prioritizes projects that increase water supply and support drought resilience. Finally, for both the Corps and Reclamation members, again, we’re able to influence funding priorities by making compute community project funding requests, very thankful for that. This year, the bill includes a total of $945 million for these projects,” said Representative Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee.