Multiple federal agencies taking precautions for ASF

We are learning more about the precautions USDA is taking after confirmation of African swine fever in the Dominican Republic.

The disease was confirmed on Wednesday by USDA’s diagnostic lab. The Dominican Republic sent twelve samples of concern to the department, and USDA tested them immediately.

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service says that those samples came back positive for ASF. USDA says that it immediately began working with the island nation, the pork industry, and other federal agencies.

“We also have been in contact with the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Patrol people to increase our surveillance and our mitigation and work with boats and air traffic that comes from the Caribbean, especially the Dominican Republic, in regards to increased vigilance for passenger baggage and the possibility of meat and meat products that might come in, especially pork, in those bags from people that are coming to visit relatives or are unaware of the regulations in regard to those products,” APHIS’s Jack Shere.

APHIS says that now is the time to beef up the nation’s biosecurity efforts and to be vigilant about whom you allow on your farm.

The Dominican Republic’s top ag official says that all hogs on the island must be eradicated.


NPPC reacts to ASF in Dominican Republic