NASCAR appears to reject some gun ads


Two separate gun companies have been denied advertising with NASCAR, according to a report from Free Beacon.

Dark Storm Industries says they were not able to show an ad featuring an AR-15 and K-Var claims NASCAR rejected an ad of theirs featuring an AK-47.

“NASCAR decided to turn their back on their customer base, joining the likes of Yeti, Dick’s and Under Armour,” Dark Storm said in an Instagram post. “We were approached by a NASCAR publication eager to earn our business, but after submitting our ad it was immediately rejected, stating that we cannot depict ‘assault weapons.’”

“They’ve got the drivers shooting off blanks in the winner’s circle. It doesn’t make any sense,” David Dolbee, general manager of K-Var Corp., said in the Washington Times.

NASCAR still has a relationship with gun retailers such as Bass Pro and Gander Sports but they are making a “gradual shift” on guns.