National Association of Agriculture Educators Gather In Nashville


Nashville, Tenn. The National Association of Agriculture Educators is hosting their annual conference this week in Nashville, Tennessee in conjunction with the Association of Career and Technical Educators.

National Association President, Scott Stone, visited with RFD-TV’s Janet Adkison about the conference and the need for agriculture teachers within our country. Stone also talked about the “Tagged to Teach Ag” campaign to help identify individuals who are wanted for the industry and can make a difference in student’s lives.

During the week, teachers will have the opportunity to gather with their peers from across the country to discuss upcoming trends, the need in agriculture education, recognize the excellence among agricultural educators and develop plans of action to ensure students are continually educated in a vocational area as well as integrating academics and technology into the classroom.

FFA CEO, Mark Poeschl also joined RFD-TV during the National Association of Agriculture Educators conference. Poeschl gave an update on the training, professional development and networking opportunities for Agriculture teachers during this event. He also credits these teachers with the ability to mold young adults into great leaders for the agriculture industry. While Poeschl was here, RFD-TV got the chance to talk to him about the National FFA organization, the newly elected officers, their transition into their elected roles, as well as the future that these students are gearing up for.