National Black Farmers Association responds to discrimination lawsuit

A group of white farmers has filed suit over a provision in the latest COVID package that relieves debt of black farmers.

Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller has filed a separate, class-action suit.

The attorney for the farmers tells Brownfield Ag News that USDA cannot claim it was racist when it denied loans to farmers of color and then offer to forgive those loans to farmers who do have them.

He said that in virtually every Supreme Court case, where governments gave preference to race, they have been struck down.

The head of the Black Farmers Association says, “I’m disheartened that, after thirty years of trying to get that relief and other services for blacks and farmers of color who have been basically shut out of the farm subsidy program, and farm lending, and farm ownership programs at USDA, that they would file lawsuits like this.”

He told Brownfield that he would welcome a discussion with the farmers filing suit about how to work together for equal access to USDA programs.


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