National Cattlemen’s Beef Association on price gap report

USDA released its full report on the beef packer to producer price gap probe. The review cites no wrong-doing and affirms unprecedented events caused the disruption in the beef markets.

RFD-TV’s Christina Loren speaks with National Cattlemen’s Beef Association CEO Colin Woodall on his reaction to the report and what he expects from the Department of Justice investigation.

“The main take away is that it is not over yet... This is a review of the economics about what happened,” Woodall said. “It’s also a discussion about some ideas that we as industry can look at to try to improve transparency... but it makes it very clear that the packers and stockyards division is still looking at what the packer did.”

“Our hopes are to have a definitive answer, that what everyone in the cattle industry wants. We just want an answer. ‘Did it happen? Did it not happen?’”

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