National Corn Growers Association issues steps on how to manage COVID-19 on the farm


The NCGA issued the best practices as we move through the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. As preparations for Spring planting mean activity levels are increasing on the farm for things like field preparation and on-farm deliveries.

Limiting interactions and exposure is a good idea to limit exposure and risk related to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). It is critical to practice biosecurity for your family, your employees, the public, and animals.

COVID-19 Planning and Procedures for your farm:

1. Identify a drop off location for supplier deliveries to the farm

- If possible set it up away from high-traffic areas near the farm.

2. Create specific instructions for drop-off deliveries

- Provide locations for the driver

- Create signage that makes it easy to find the drop-off location

3. Log all deliveries and on-farm entries

- Create a visitors log for everyone who visits the farm

- Monitor personal travel with a travel log

4. Prepare an on-farm workforce, including your family

- If you have off-farm employees or seasonal help alert them, all sick employees must stay at home.

- If your operation has a significant number of employees, encourage them to avoid large gatherings and practice social distancing during non-work hours.

5. Sanitize contact surfaces

- Disinfect all door handles and knobs, floor mats, steering wheels, and other commonly contacted surfaces.

- Sanitize common gathering places - shops, lunch areas, office spaces.