National Corn Growers Association releases fact sheets on Trump, Biden


The National Corn Growers Association says it has many shared priorities with both President Donald Trump and his challenger former Vice President Joe Biden.

The NCGA has prepared fact sheets on each candidate to help inform its 40,000 dues-paying members, and millions of others in rural America, on where each man stands on agriculture policy.

The NCGA noted that rural America can have a big impact on this election, not just because it is an underserved population, but also because of America’s 12 “swing states,” eight are in the Top 20 in corn production, meaning the Corn Belt could tip the scales in either direction.

“NCGA is focused on helping farmers recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic and, in the long-term, increasing demand for U.S. corn. The two documents released today outline NCGA’s ethanol, trade, sustainability, farm bill, regulatory, and infrastructure policy priorities against those of each campaign,” the NCGA said in a release. “As the election day draws closer, NCGA will work with its membership to raise awareness of corn grower priorities for the Presidential candidates. Corn growers can check their voter registration status, register to vote, and find more information about voting in their state at”

A recent Focus on Rural America showed Biden with a lead among voters in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.

You can see Biden’s fact sheet here and President Trump’s here.