National Milk Producers Federation is cautious about future supply chain disruptions

The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet, but food supply chains have learned to adapt.

Disruptions, for the most part, have died down. Personal protective equipment is now widely available after so many shortages this spring. However, businesses are worried about more hiccups.

National Milk Producers Federation’s Clay Detlefsen says that there are still many unknowns: “We’ve got the food industry on the right track. It wasn’t easy. It won’t be easy to keep us there, especially if this mushrooms this fall with the flu virus mixing into the equation. So, we’ve got our challenges ahead for sure. There’s no reason to celebrate, but there’s no reason to be pessimistic either. We will get through this.”

He also notes that worker unions and companies are still working out how best to keep employees safe as legal battles play out in courts.