National Potato Council will host a D.C. Fly-In to share their to-do list for the industry

The Council is inviting members to D.C. for the Washington Summit.

We are a little over a month away from the National Potato Council’s Washington Summit.

The CEO of the group, Kam Quarles, shares their to-do list and how farmers are vital to the process.

“From the markets you can ship your product to, to the way potatoes are classified by the federal government, to the environmental policies, what can you do on your land, what tools can you apply to make your crop more competitive or make it more vulnerable if you don’t have those tools to pests and diseases... All of those kinds of things the federal government has a role in, all the way to tax policy and all these other things, it’s really important for folks to be there and recognize that you have to be leaning into these issues because Washington won’t generate the right result on its own. You’ve got to be advocating for yourself,” said Quarles.

The D.C. Fly-In kicks off February 26th and is a five-way event. To learn more, click HERE.

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