NCBA applauds Real MEAT Act


The National Cattelmen’s Beef Association showed support for the Real MEAT Act, a bipartisan bill introduced in the United States House Monday.

“Consumers should be able to rely on the information on food labels they see on the shelves to be truthful and not deceptive,” Rep. Roger Marshall, a co-author of the bill said. “For years now, alternative protein products have confused many consumers with misleading packaging and creative names for products. With this bill, consumers can be sure that the meat products they are buying are indeed real meat.”

MEAT in the Real Meat Act is acronym for Marketing Edible Artificials Truthfully.

The bill would accomplish three major things: it would codify the definition of beef for labeling purposes allowing the federal government to establish a clear definition of what beef is, it would reenforce misbranding provisions and eliminate consumer confusion and finally it would enhance the federal government’s ability to enforce the law.

“A growing number of fake meat products are clearly trying to mislead consumers about what they’re trying to get them to buy,” said NCBA President and Tennessee cattlewoman Jennifer Houston. “Consumers need to be protected from deceptive marketing practices, and cattle producers need to be able to compete on a fair, level playing field. We want to thank Congressmen Brindisi and Marshall for leading the way on this very important issue.”

You can read the full text of the Real MEAT Act here.