NCBA asks USDA to eliminate “Product of the USA” label from meats

NCBA is asking to eliminate the “Product of the USA” label for meats. The organization states that it might mislead consumers if beef is imported to the U.S. but originated in another country.

Gene Copenhaver said that the label “Product of the USA” is a disservice to consumers and cattle producers.

According to Copenhaver, “To get this label put on a beef product, all the product has to do is be repackaged or redone in a USDA processing facility and it can bare that ‘Product in the USA’ label, and that includes imported beef... that’s a problem for us all. We’re trying to right a wrong with what’s being done in the label process.”

NCBA is petitioning for Food Safety and Inspection Service to change the label to say “Processed in the U.S.” The new label will open more doors for producers who want to have processed-verified labels.


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