NCBA lays out 2020 policy priorities


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Executive Committee has laid out its 2020 policy priorities.

In a release, the organization said its priorities remain related to international trade, proper regulation of fake meat and regulatory reform. This year, the NCBA plans to focus on “implementing and protecting those gains while further advancing progress into new territory.”

In terms of international trade, the NCBA’s focus in 2020 is implementing trade deals a well as striking striking new deals in a post-Brexit United Kingdom.

As for regulation, the NCBA is focused on securing proper regulatory oversight for fake meat by the USDA and the FDA. The bipartisan Real MEAT Act is a good a start.

“America’s cattle producers have made tremendous and historic progress on the policy front over the past year,” said NCBA President Jennifer Houston. “Now it’s time to implement and defend those gains and to keep pushing for policies that will help improve conditions for cattle producers so they can better provide the nation and the world with delicious and nutritious U.S. beef.”

The NCBA also plans “continue to push back against misguided climate policies while advancing the U.S. cattle industry’s tremendous environmental record, upholding the U.S. cattle industry as the global model for sustainable beef production.”

“NCBA is a true member-driven organization, and these policy priorities reflect a lot of hard work, debate, and study by a lot of grassroots-level cattle producers who have chosen to get involved in the policy process,” Houston said. “Some folks will always be content to throw stones from the sidelines. NCBA members choose to fight - and win - on the front lines.”

The NCBA will also continue to defend victories on issue like WOTUS, Navigable Waters Protection Rule, 2020 Dietary Guidelines, Endangered Species Act modernization, Electronic Logging Devices, and comprehensive NEPA reform.