NCBA says they are not ready to back a new cattle bill

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is responding to recent legislation that would make changes to the cattle industry.

A bill, filed by House Ag Committee Chair David Scott, aims to help cattle producers with 100 head or less. A second bill, by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, would require 50 percent of packer volume to be purchased on the open market.

The Association says they appreciate the attention to the issue but are not sold on either bill.

“There are a couple of blind spots, but it is a far more preferable product and is a much better starting position than is the Grassley-Fisher Bill,” says NCBA’s Tanner Beymer.

He says Scott’s bill, capping a small herd at 100 head, could be challenging because most in the industry consider a herd up to 250 head as small.


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