NCGA outlines how to stay healthy on the farm


Despite most corn farms being family run operations, the National Corn Growers Association wants farmers to have as many safety resources as possible on how to stay healthy and keep the farm running during the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the main reasons the organization wanted to release this information is because roughly 70 percent of all farms do not have a backup financial plan.

• Schedule a brainstorming meeting - This gives all family members and employees an opportunity to go over potential scenarios, disruptions and how to manage field work if those disruptions occur.

• Minimize exposure - Use any means of communication possible to keep appropriate social distance.

• Consider cross-training - This will allow family members and employees to know the appropriate safety measures to take in every area of the farm and with every piece of equipment.

• Increase sanitation - Make the simple things like disinfecting and having proper cleaning supplies part of your daily routine.

• Stay inside if you’re sick - The NCGA knows this is against the nature of American farmers but those who are sick should remain isolated and not visit work areas.

• Develop a written contingency plan - Put all of your plans into action and make sure every employee and family members has a copy. Consider things like who will manage which operations if key people fall ill.

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