Nebraska man catches record-setting 89 pound catfish


Nebraska’s previous flathead catfish record was 80 pounds, but angler Richard Hagen cleared that by almost double digits when he reeled in an 89 pound beast on June 7.

According to Nebraska Game and Parks biologist Daryl Bauer, the fish was caught in the Missouri River. However, Bauer, who has been in charge of the state’s fishing records for several years, was at first skeptical that Hagen had notched a new rod and reel catfish record.

“Now, understand I have been responsible for our Nebraska fish state records for several years. I have heard lots of stories. Many has been the supposed state record fish that ended up being not nearly big enough, or were something other than what the angler thought they were,” he wrote in a blog post. “Our rod & reel state record for flathead catfish has stood for years at 80 pounds. It was going to take a darned big flatty to beat that record, and I was going to believe it when I saw it!”

Bauer did get his proof. A certified scale was located, pictures were sent and the record now belongs to Hagen.

The fish was released back into the water.