“Needless Uncertainty": Rep. Thompson weighs in on Biden’s response to supply chain issues

Global food security is on the mind of the House Agriculture Committee. Republican leader, Glen Thompson, says that it could not come at a worse time as inflation soars and disruptions in the supply chain increase.

Thompson said that as America watches the turmoil and their bills go up, the Biden administration has not done anything to increase American production to relieve any pressure.

According to Rep. Thompson, “Since the war in Ukraine began, the administration has continued to take non-sensible regulatory and policy actions that have created needless uncertainty for farmers, ranchers, and working families and has further limited our ability to meet the food demands of our nation and the world.”

However, last month the Biden administration announced measures during a visit to a farm in Illinois to provide $250 million dollars to help domestic fertilizer companies expand operations and increase the number of counties eligible for double-crop insurance.


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