New Show Highlights Iconic Tennessee Brands


This July, RFD-TV is proud to debut a new show that connects you with true stories about craft and innovation. “Remastered” journeys along the back roads of Tennessee to give viewers a raw and real experience of the hustle and dedication the South is known for.

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Filmed on location in a land where elbow grease flows in abundance, viewers are taken behind the scenes of the South’s most influential brands. The first season, premiering on July 11, features six iconic brands: Jack Daniels Distillery, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, St. Blues Guitars, Prophetik Haute Couture, United Record Pressing, and Lodge Cast Iron. These brands embody what Tennessee brings to the world stage; not just in completion but in craft.

Each episode focuses on the people behind these brands and examines the cultural influences that drive their creative and production process. With an eye for detail and a heart for doing things “the right way,” these companies are anything but old-fashioned. “Remastered” brings viewers a diversity of stories that represent multi-generational families balancing the virtues of the past with modern day adversities. Going behind the doors that no one knew existed, viewers look deep within the Smoky Mountains, across the Cumberland Plateau and into West Tennessee’s rolling fields of cotton, bearing witness to what humanity is capable of when faced with challenges and obstacles.

“Remastered” showcases these brands’ endearing moments of accomplishment on a national platform to make a statement: Tennessee is what it always has been, a land of inherent values and hard work; a place of fine craftsmanship and appreciation of the arts. In a day where “homemade” is in high fashion, the world is finding that Tennessee’s success is not the result of doing things in a new way, but in doing things the way Tennessee always has. It is a testament to the timeless heritage of the South and what it stands for. Times may have changed, technology has progressed, but the individuals who call Tennessee “home” celebrate tradition in a way that is both timeless and awe inspiring.

“Remastered” is written and produced by Tennessee-based agency Designsensory, in partnership with the Tennessee Economic and Community Development department.