New York man reels in 45 1/2 inch muskie while ice fishing


Last week, Christopher Williams went ice fishing on New York’s Otisco Lake. He was simply looking to catch some bluegills, but what he ended up catching was much bigger.

Williams ended up pulling in a 45 and a half inch tiger muskie. It weighed in around 26 pounds.

“I quickly went over to the tip up and noticed it was taking off like I’d never seen before. I grabbed it and noticed I only had about three feet left on the reel... I knew then it was something massive. It took off like it was attached to a motorboat,” he said, according to

This is not the first time a monster muskie has been pulled from Otisco Lake.

Back in 2009, Tom Boise reeled in a world record. His fish measured the same length as Williams’ but weighed in at 27.5 pounds.

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