Next year’s blending rates for renewable fuel is still up in the air

The biofuel industry may have to wait a little longer before the EPA decides next year’s blending rates for renewable fuel into gasoline.

A lawmaker says that the agency will not make a final decision before the end of the month deadline.

“Comments this week from Administrator Wheeler have acknowledged that the November 30th statutory deadline for setting 2021 RFS blending volumes will be missed as they have not yet proposed the rule,” Senator Chuck Grassley states. “In those same comments, Wheeler said that RIN prices were out of control. I do not know how he can say that, because that’s not the case I see”

He says RIN prices are at a three year low. RINs are identification number oil companies use to prove they blended the right amount of biofuel in gasoline. Smaller retailers have argued RINs cost too much and gives larger retailers, that buy in bulk and blend themselves, an advantage.