NMPF Encourages Dairy Farmers To Sign Up For CFAP

The CFAP payments continue to show up in farmer’s mailboxes. Analysts estimate $1.4 billion dollars out of the $16 billion dollars in direct payments have been distributed.

So far, dairy received more than $330 million dollars. The National Milk Producers Federation encourages dairy farmers to enroll in the program while it is still open. According to Chris Galen, with the NMPF, “I don’t think that there is any particular reason to wait, other than you may have more pressing concerns...but the hope that that $16 billion pot for the entire CFAP is not expended by then...get your money because if the overall demand for that money is higher than what the USDA anticipates, it may go quicker than we think.”

The deadline to apply is August 28th. Just contact your local farm service agency for more information.