No-till can lead to higher land values, according to one expert

There are several benefits to no-till farming practices, among them, higher land values.

A North Carolina state ag economics professor published research on the topic saying that higher productivity, as well as cost saving associated with no-till practices, translate into higher land values. He focused on the Midwest.

“We found that just a 1 percent increase in no-till adoption rate for a county would likely increase land values in the county by around $8 dollars, $7.86 somewhere there. And then, we have a more granular data for Iowa state in particular and it’s better than the census in terms, it’s the yearly data and the effect is a little bit larger. A 1 percent in no-till increase land values in Iowa by close to $15 dollars, which is expected because land values in Iowa tend to be a little higher because of the productivity of the soil,” Dr. Rod Rejesus explains.

He hopes to expand his land value research into other conservation practices as well.


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