North Dakota Drought


June 14, 2017

Most of the state of North Dakota is experiencing drought conditions. On Monday, the North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner toured two farms to get a firsthand glimpse at the situation.

Dough Goehring joined us on a phone interview to discuss his findings.

After talking with farmers and ranchers, Goehring found that 85 percent of the state is suffering from some form of drought, with two-thirds of the state suffering from conditions that Goehring described as “pretty severe.” His findings included pastures that had grass that was only four inches tall and which cracked below his feet. Even more shockingly, Goehring learned that some of that grass had received rain just two days prior.

Unfortunately, the conditions that the state is under are forcing some livestock producers to move their livestock to auction prematurely. Goehring mentioned that auction markets on average this time of the year usually have two sales a month, and they are currently having two sales a week simply due to the lack of forage.

This situation has led to the establishment of a drought hotline. Goehring encourages producers from outside of North Dakota to assist in getting their fellow producers supplies they need to continue their operations. He encourages people to visit or to call the drought hotline at 701-425-8454, and to leave a voicemail if you cannot reach an employee. In addition, his organization will be releasing an interactive Drought Hotline Map to help link up those who are searching for hay to purchase or for hay haulers with individuals who have called indicating their willingness to help.

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