Nothing stops Alec Gotto from being a farm kid

Alec was diagnosed with transverse myelitis at 6 months old, but he was born with a love for livestock. His condition is a swelling of the spinal cord; it is rare but not uncommon.

One of Alec’s family members was showing at a 4-H event, which prompted Alec to want to start showing himself. His goal is to be involved with the farm life as much as he can.

“Right now he just wants to be the boss of the farm. He doesn’t miss anything,” his father Chad said. “He knows what needs to be done and if it’s not done right he’ll let you know.”

The Gottos have three kids showing in 4-H. Alec’s mother Carrie says she and Chad both showed. “So, it’s nice to see them following in our footsteps. They all love doing it.”

Alec’s original chair that he used to show was not optimal to drive in the ring; the wheels did not have much traction on the wood chips. So with the help of the Tracks for Alec page and VCM Group, Alec was able to get a track chair.