Now is a great time to turn your children into aggies

Everyone is having to adjust this year in some form or fashion, especially parents of small children. That is why now is a great time to turn the little ones into aggies.

With many small children being forced to stay at home and take virtual classes, they are being robbed of a lot. They do not get the experience of going outside to travel to school or see the outdoors during recess.

So, the experts are recommending parents use this time to take them outdoors and teach them farming.

“I think anytime that we promote agricultural literacy amongst our young people, it’s always a plus,” according to Omar Montemayor, with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. “What I mean by agricultural literacy is teaching our young people where our food comes from.”

In fact, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has gone to great lengths to teach children about the ag industry for quite some time.

“Through AgriLife Extension, over the last 26 years that I’ve been here, we’ve been involved in a lot of gardening programs at schools and communities... that’s always been a good program for our schools and in our communities,” Montemayor notes.

This is also good for parents who are running out of ideas on things to do with their kids.

He adds, “When it comes to going out there and, just as a parent, being involved with your kids and going outdoors, and whether you’re promoting gardening or going out there and getting a fishing pole and doing that-- you’re doing a lot of things.”