NPPC praises New Swine Inspection System


The National Pork Producers Council praised the USDA’s New Swine Inspection System, saying it reflects the 21st century.

“We applaud the USDA for introducing a new inspection system that incentivizes investment in new technologies while ensuring a safe supply of wholesome American pork,” NPPC President David Herring said. “The U.S. pork production system is the envy of the world because we continuously adopt new practices and technologies, while enhancing safety, quality and consistency.

The system was developed over many years and was piloted at five pork processing plants. There was a strong science-based approach to the process.

“The U.S. industry has long been a global leader in offering the highest quality, safest and most affordable pork to consumers here at home and abroad,” Herring said. “We are proud of our record and welcome this program to further modernize our production process.”