Officials are looking for those responsible for stolen UK baby donkey

Stolen Moon 1280.jpg

Photo via Miller’s Ark Facebook Page

Police in the United Kingdom are looking for the individual or individuals responsible for the theft of a two-month-old donkey.

Moon was enjoying pasture time with her mother, Astra, Monday afternoon when she was taken from Miller’s Ark in Hook, Hampshire, the BBC reports.
Miller’s Ark specializes in breeding rare farm animals, including sheep, goats, cattle, ducks, and miniature Mediterranean donkeys.

Moon was still feeding from her mother and still needs help regulating her body temperature.

“Astra is extremely distressed, braying all night and looking for her foal,” one volunteer stated. They are extremely concerned for Moon’s welfare and want to reunite the pair as soon as possible.

Officials are asking for the public’s help for any information.

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