Oklahoma starting two programs to control feral hogs

Feral Hogs

The goal of the programs is getting landowners and state and federal agencies working together to trap and remove the hogs. Agriculture Secretary Blayne Arthur told Public Radio Tulsa that the problem is so bad, a federal grant is helping fund Oklahoma’s work.

“Oklahoma is actually an F-4 state in regards to feral hogs, which is kind of similar to a tornado, that’s the worst level that we can be at nationally, unfortunately. And so, that’s why those federal dollars are coming here,” Arthur said.

The program takes place in several different counties and will involve reaching out to landowners to get access for trapping and removing the feral hogs.

According to Arthur, the most effective tool tends to be traps that can be monitored and operated by cell phone.

According to reports, feral hogs have been seen in all 77 counties in Oklahoma. They cause millions of dollars worth of damage to farms.

Alabama also sought federal help with its feral hog problem last month.