Oldest married couple celebrates 80th anniversary this weekend

Photo Via Guinness World Records

In August, Texas couple John and Charlotte Henderson were certified in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living married couple in the world by aggregate age.

On Dec. 22, 106-year-old John and 105-year-old Charlotte will celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary. According to the Washington Post, their honeymoon was in a hotel in San Antonio and costed $7.

It is not all they will be celebrating. Two days later, John turns 107, which will bring their aggregate age to 212.

The couple says the key to their longevity is moderation and exercise (John still works out daily). They also joked that never having kids probably helped too.

According to KHOU, the pair met while attending the University of Texas, where John played football and Charlotte was studying to become a teacher. The Texas Longhorn pride runs deep in the couple because for the last 10 years they have lived in Longhorn Village, a senior living facility designed for Texas alums and faculty.