Ongoing drought conditions are causing concern among farmers and the markets

The markets are closely watching weather conditions across farm country and so are producers who are getting more concerned about this year’s drought.

Extension agronomist Megan Anderson with Iowa State University says farmers have been able to get by because of relatively good yields, but continued dry weather could cause concern. She tells Brownfield Ag News this is the third consecutive summer where producers have faced abnormally dry weather Eric Snodgrass, an atmospheric scientist with Nutrien Ag Solutions shares more about current conditions.

“There’s still a large part of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, you know that stretch, and Michigan, don’t forget Michigan, so that’s missed out on the rain. So, we were at this point now where we don’t just need rain, we actually need like two systems a week that each have the ability to put down about an inch of rain, and we actually need to bring some heat into the system and this all happens. So, we need to have a much better go of it going forward here with this pattern.”

Growers are still dealing with the Omega Block system parked over much of the Midwest. USDA Meteorologists say it is expected to hang around through early July and warn there is not much producers can do except hope it breaks down early and crops survive the hot and dry conditions.