Outlook for Idaho’s hay may be turning around

It has been a tough year for hay price so far, and quality in Idaho has been a big problem. The Idaho Farm Bureau presents this video

In Idaho, hay nose dived this summer dropping below $140 dollars for supreme; good quality hay dropped just below $100 dollars. Suddenly, demand has picked up.

According to Travis McAffee, who is with the Idaho Farm Bureau, “We’re getting a lot more exports opening up with the quality of hay were bringing in... Plus the dairies, the dairies are getting a boost in their economy...With all the new equipment coming out we can make better quality hay and that makes the market want us more than other states.”

The USDA says that there is 1.3 million acres of hay in the state this year. Those acres are estimated to bring in 5 million tons, most of which will go to either the dairy industry or overseas.

“If we can keep the weather to help us out the hay will be there,” McAffee adds. “The markets will still want us; the exports are looking at us because we have the softest hay...”