Over half of rural counties are in the COVID-19 “red zones”

Rural COVID-related deaths increased 12 percent last week and more than half of rural counties hit the “red zone” level, meaning their infection rates are high enough to warrant tougher controls.

Tim Merma, the editor of The Daily Yonder, spoke with RFD-TV’s Janet Adkison about the increase of counties in the “red zone” and the rural deaths.

“We saw an increase of 68 rural counties last week. The better news than that is that the actual number of cases remained relatively flat from week-to-week, but we did set a new record just slightly above the previous week. These ‘red zone’ counties are areas that the CDC and the White House say are liable for much bigger outbreaks and need sterner controls to contain the virus We saw a big increase in these types of counties in the upper Midwest in the last week,” he said.

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