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Pam Lunn

Pam Lunn of Tampa, Florida took an unexpected journey to a life in agriculture. Twenty years ago, she and her husband moved to the outskirts of Tampa to live in a house with a modest three acres. Her son began showing goats for FFA and over time, the commitment and joy of raising goats drew her to a new life path.

The Dancing Goat farm is now an active dairy farm -- producing soaps, milk, yogurt, kefi and cheese which Lunn sells at local markets. Lunn also works with the local FFA to find volunteers to help operate the dairy. It’s a life she couldn’t imagine decades ago, but one she is fully committed to.

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Lunn built a barn, right there in the middle of an urban Tampa neighborhood. Then she built an adjoining guest house, which is the base of operations for The Dancing Goat. It’s out of that guest house that she sells her popular goat milk, yogurt, cheese and soap products.

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